Africa In Motion (AIM) strives to accelerate the sustainable social economic development of Africa. The expertise on realizing this circulair economy is worldwide available, but the bridge between solutions and challenges has not been made efficiently. 

Africa In Motion actively searches for these solutions in Europe and connects them to the challenges we know are faced by government, companies and knowledge institutions in Africa. 

We are specialized in developing programmes to generate large scale sustainable employment in Africa. We connect challenges in Africa - which we know are faced by companies, government and knowledge institutions - to expertise and solutions in Europe. 

We do this by

- Enhancing the economic relationship between Europe and Africa
- Empowering African diaspora in the Netherlands


Africa Next Level

Africa Next Level is aimed at establishing an industrial platform on which Dutch engineers support African engineers in the development of bio-based industrial initiatives.


Co-farming supports Dutch and African young (potential) farmers to set up a succesful enterprise together in Africa.

Ubuntu Mutual Fund

Ubuntu Mutual Fund mobilizes African diaspora in the Netherlands to participate in a fund which offers the opportunities to invest in African businesses with a high return on investment.

At this moment the website of Africa In Motion is under construction. If you like to know more, please get in touch with us by sending an e-mail to info@africainmotion.nl or follow us on Facebook